Ken Block's Hoonicorn is back with two turbos and 1,400 horsepower

As if the drift machine really needed more power.

Ken Block's Hoonicorn V2 Front Three Quarter Exterior
  • Image Credit: Hoonigan
  • Ken Block's Hoonicorn V2 Front Three Quarter Exterior
  • Ken Block's Hoonicorn V2 Front End Side Close Up
  • Ken Block's Hoonicorn V2 Front End Close Up
  • Ken Block's Hoonicorn V2 Engine
The drift machine that starred in Gymkhana Seven was Ken Block's insane Hooniocorn. Since 845 horsepower apparently wasn't enough, Block has reworked the car into what he's calling Hoonicorn V2, and it's packing 1,400 horsepower. The stunt driver must be on a power trip.

The Hoonicorn V2 still has the same 6.7-liter, 410-cubic-inch V8 at the front, but the motor has been reworked to run on methanol and bestowed with a custom twin-turbo setup for a total of 1,400 horsepower. The previous Hoonicorn already had enough power to spin all four tires, by the way.

In other words, the new Hoonicorn V2 is overkill in the best way possible. Block unveiled the machine on his Facebook page where he gives an overview of the changes that have been made.

The vehicle, according to Hoonigan, was made for a new video concept that requires a vehicle that has more power than the old Hoonicorn. Block claims that this is the scariest car he's ever driven, and we're inclined to believe the man behind the Gymkhana series.

Besides the Hoonicorn V2's demented amount of power, the vehicle has been given a new livery to match the upcoming video project that is reminiscent to the one found on Block's 1978 MkII Ford Escort RS.

We can't wait to see this beast in action. The flames coming out of the exhaust pipes exiting the hood are bright enough to light the way home at night. Or char some marshmallows in seconds.

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