Stars Selling Cars

Kate Flannery of The Office tries her hand at car sales | Stars Selling Cars

Kate Flannery has moved her office away from, uh, The Office, and decided to take up car sales for us! Disguised in a wig and glasses as the hilariously energetic "Judy", she takes to the lot and meets a crop of unsuspecting customers.

Being as persistent as possible, Kate continually tries to change the minds of buyers. One man is insistent that he needs a black car, but "Judy" shows him cars in every color but black, with hysterical results. Our excitable new sales person lays on the ground, tries to sell off her jewelry, and when a customer asks to see the manager, "Judy" responds with "I actually answer to a higher authority".

The big reveal is full of apologies and laughter. As always, you'll have to watch to see if a sale was made! Tune in next week Monday at noon to see Community's own Yvette Nicole Brown. It's sure to be another hilarious episode of Stars Selling Cars!

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