Unexpected new Tesla product coming next week

But what is it, everyone wants to know.

Always happy to entice people through vague hints, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter yesterday that his company will unveil a new product, something that is, "unexpected by most," next Monday. That implies that some people out there know what's coming, but in the wide, wide world of Tesla speculation, there are many possibilities. And don't worry, people are already guessing. Since Musk made the announcement on Twitter, guesses there on what this new product will be have ranged from that creepy auto-charging snake robot to Spotify in all Tesla cars to, " A Tesla range of muffins and cakes??" That would certainly qualify as unexpected, but the promised second part of the Model 3 reveal is more likely. In April - and also on Twitter – Musk said that the next Model 3 reveal would be " super next level." Whether this highly anticipated reveal could be considered "unexpected by most" is up for debate, but we won't have long to discuss, as the unveiling is coming soon.

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