The Electric GT race series has been brewing since early this year, and we finally have some news to share from an unsurprising source. Leilani Münter, well-known green racer and Tesla fan, has announced on Twitter that she will be the first American driver in the new series, which uses only Tesla EVs on the track. Former Williams F1 test pilot Dani Clos has also signed up. Ten teams will race in the inaugural season, which will take place in 2017. All the teams will use the base model Tesla Model S P85+. The organizers say that, "Although Tesla has more powerful versions on the market with 4WD ... for the best race circuit action rear wheel drive is even more spectacular and entertaining."

Down the road, all-electric vehicles from other manufacturers could join the Electric GT World Series, but for now, the organizers say that, "The 10 teams and 20 cars that race in the first reason will be identical and similar to the street version. With 416 bhp and 443 lb.ft/601 N.m torque there is no need to add anything to the motor."

Tesla Model S Information

Tesla Model S

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