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Racer Leilani Münter takes a lead in race against population growth

She has even vowed not to have children herself

One of the world's top female racing car drivers, Leilani Münter, has taken pole position in a campaign to reduce overpopulation — and has vowed not to have children herself.

Leilani Munter signs up as first US racer in Tesla GT series

All the action, none of the noise.

How do you say 'vroom-vroom' in battery?

Tesla loses fight to open second store in North Carolina

The DMV shuts down Tesla chances of a NC second store.

The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles denies Tesla the right to open a second gallery in the state, saying local, independent dealers could do it.

GM shuts down Tesla's direct sales chance in Connecticut

The fight continues in North Carolina as well.

Two more state legislatures discussed Tesla's efforts to sell its EVs direct to customers this week. The automaker was shut down in CT, and maybe also NC.

Leilani Munter tells Neil deGrasse Tyson green racing is no paradox

The self-described "vegan hippie chick with a racecar" opens up.

Leilani Munter joins Neil deGrasse Tyson on Star Talk Radio to talk about racing, solar power, and dolphins.

Tesla worked with PETA on synthetic leather for Model X

You Can Also Special Order A Vegan Model S

Thanks to PETA, Tesla will make synthetic leather an option for the Model X. You'll still need to jump through hoops to keep animals out of your Model S.

Leilani Munter loves her Energy Freedom Race Car, Tesla Model S

ARCA Racer Says NASCAR Fans Are Ready For Green Message

Leilani Münter is putting a red, white and blue spin on green at the Kansas Speedway tonight. That's where the eco-minded racer is debuting her Energy Freedom car with the message that people should be able to choose how clean they want their energy to be.

EVS-24 Viking Rally rolls out with royalty and race car drivers

Henning Solberg and Leilani Münter, photo courtesy of ZERO

Race-car-driving environmentalist forming Eco Dream Team

Race car driver Leilani Münter is putting together a group of "forward thinking" companies to join as co-sponsors to present a strong environmental message to the millions of racing fans out there. By collaborating, the members of the "Eco Dream Team" will not only be promoting their brand to a wide audience but also promoting environmental awareness more generally. You may be thinking, "How can racing gas-powered cars possibly be construed as a "green" endeavor?" or "Isn't it the height of