Almost two years after Buick showed the gorgeous Avenir concept, the company announced the Avenir name will reach production. Specifically, it will be a top-tier trim level for 2018 model year Buicks. It's taking a page from GMC's Denali, Lincoln's Black Label, and, well, plenty of examples of extra-fancy sauce.

This is disappointing news for fans of the concept, but they can take solace in the fact that the Avenir's good looks are starting to rub off on production Buicks, such as the new LaCrosse. For those interested in what this new Avenir trim will bring to the table, it's a similar formula to what many other auto brands are doing. Buick specifically compares Avenir with the Denali trim for GMC. Models with the trim will get a special 3D mesh grille inspired by the Avista concept, large wheels and unique trim finishes outside. Inside, Avenir models will receive a nicer interior, which Buick generically described as having "unique seat details" and "modern trim materials." Cars equipped with the package will also get a smattering of Avenir badges.

Avenir looks like a win-win: interested buyers get some extra cachet and bragging rights and Buick gets to load high-profit options on it cars and SUVs. Buick's inspiration for the Avenir trim is a bit strange, though. The company says it is "inspired by Buick's evolving customer base," which includes women and owners of competing products. Apparently both groups are buying Buicks in greater numbers, and the company also says that many of their customers opt for the most expensive trims. While it seems straightforward to tailor a package for luxury-seeking buyers, we're not sure what would make a package specifically appeal to women and people with competitors' vehicles. That being said, Buick isn't as patronizing as Cosmopolitan was with its car. In fact, quite the opposite. With Avenir, Buick is cashing in on new customers that willing to pay for luxury plain and simple, without any pandering.

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