Sideshow spectators attack Fresno police cruiser

Guys who block public roads to show off their unimpressive car stunts are the most dangerous version of bro to date. Unfortunately for one California Highway Patrol officer who spent several scary seconds stuck in a crowd of attacking sideshow bros there seems to be a lot of them in Fresno, California.

The attack occurred on Sunday afternoon, when a group of about 40 shut down the intersection at North and Orange Avenues in Southwest Fresno to put on a sideshow. A sideshow is when people block busy public roads to perform car stunts before driving away. Traffic was at a stand in Fresno still while idiots did burn outs and doughnuts. An officer spotted the sideshow and pulled over a car that had been doing burnouts in the middle of the intersection. The sideshow was wrapping up when spectators attacked the CHP Chevy Tahoe cruiser after the officer had made it back inside the vehicle. The mob surrounded and attacked. They smashed the Tahoe's windows and kicked in doors. All told the rowdy crowd caused at least $12,000 in damage. Fresno Police Lt. Mindy Casto told CBS 47 that the first hit happened right next to the officer's head.

"A very hard strike, and had that glass broken, it probably would have shattered on the officer," Lt. Casto said. "So we can only speculate what kind of damage may have happened."

Luckily, these ruffians made sure to record the attack in photos and video and upload that content to social media. Police are using the social media posts made by them to identify suspects in the case. They've already identified several individuals, but no arrests have been made. Sideshows have plagued California for years now. Late last year, a sideshow involving 700 cars occurred in Oakland, California was accompanied by gunfire and police chases. CHP officers told The Mercury News that on any given night, there are 200 vehicles involved in sideshows in the city.

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