Recharge Wrap-up: Delta Motorsport MiTRE, self-driving car engineer 'nanodegree'

GM will use 100% renewable energy by 2050.

Delta Motorsport has launched a micro-turbine range extender for electric vehicles. The company has built two 17-kW prototypes of its MiTRE, with one being fitted to its in-house EV, the E4 Coupe, for testing. Delta is also working on a 35-kW version, which is a portion of the size of a piston range extender, achieving about 30-percent thermal efficiency. Delta Motorsport has partnered with the likes of Ariel and Morgan to develop the MiTRE. "Our projections show the cost of the system is low enough to be attractive to the automotive market, so we have a really potent solution to advance the take-up of electric vehicle," says Delta Motorsport Managing Director Simon Dowson. Watch the video above, and read more from Delta Motorsport.

Online education startup Udacity is offering a "Nanodegree" in Self-Driving Car Engineering. Udacity was cofounded by former Google VP Sebastian Thrun, who says that there is a lack of a formal education and talent in the field of autonomous vehicles. As part of the online course, students will be able to upload their own code to Udacity's self-driving Lincoln MKZ, and see how it performs on a test track via livestream. Students could even score a job with one of the program's partners - Mercedes-Benz, Didi, Nvidia, and Uber-owned Otto - as they have said they'll interview graduates of the program. Read more at Business Insider, in a post from Udacity VP Oliver Cameron, or at Udacity's website.

GM says it will run on 100-percent renewable energy by 2050. Joining the RE100, the automaker says all power for each of its operations around the globe will be sourced from wind, solar, landfill gas, and other clean energy. GM says it already saves $5 million per year using renewable energy, is currently adding capacity to solar arrays at two Chinese facilities, and plans to increase its own energy efficiency as it works toward its environmental goals. "This pursuit of renewable energy benefits our customers and communities through cleaner air while strengthening our business through lower and more stable energy costs," says GM CEO Mary Barra. Read more in the press release from GM.

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