Chevy Bolt EV comes cruising with 238 miles of range

That's 23 miles more than the Tesla Model 3 is supposed to have.

The impending release of the Tesla Model 3 in 2017 or so garnered huge headlines earlier this year for three reasons: it will cost $35,000 before incentives, it has 215 miles of range, and it's a Tesla. One of the challenges the Model 3 faces is that it will be beat to market by the Chevy Bolt EV. We just learned that the Bolt will trounce the Model 3 in at least one other aspect: the Chevy's official range will be 238 miles.

That's according to the expected EPA numbers that Chevy released today, ahead of the car's availability at dealers in late 2016. What's perhaps most impressive is that 238 miles is almost three times the range of GM's previous all-electric vehicle, the Chevy Spark EV. That little car could only go 82 miles on a single charge of its 19-kWh battery pack. The tripling isn't a huge surprise, given the Bolt EV's 60-kWh pack.

Chevy is promoting the new Bolt EV – along with the Volt plug-in hybrid and the Malibu Hybrid – over at the brand's new website, ChevyEVlife. Chevy hasn't announced the price of the Bolt EV yet, but says that it is expected to be "below $37,500." So, which one is most tempting to you at this point?

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