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After teasing the 2017 Land Rover Discovery with nothing but a picture of the upcoming SUV's front end, the automaker is now providing more insight into one of the vehicle's special features – its Intelligent Seat Fold system.

Land Rover threw British TV personality and adventurer Bear Grylls and six members of the Royal Navy Parachute display team out of a plane to demonstrate the "world-first" seat folding technology. While careening down to earth at roughly 125 mph, Grylls was able to change the Discovery's seating layout from just the front two being erect to all seven standing tall through the InControl Remote app on a smartphone.

While the stunt is a nifty one, what's so taxing about physically altering a vehicle's seating layout? And what does skydiving have to do with seats? More importantly, we sincerely hope that there's no way to alter the Discovery's seats while the vehicle's moving, because that would definitely lead to an accident. In addition to being able to control the seats through a smartphone, the seat folding technology can be activated by switches in the luggage area, switches on the C-pillar, and using the touchscreen display on the dashboard. According to Land Rover, the SUV can go from being a two seater to a seven seater in roughly 14 seconds. And will work from anywhere in the world.

After landing, the team of seven conveniently places their gear into the Discovery's trunk and drives off, showcasing the SUV's ability to seat seven full-size adults. While the camera doesn't focus on the Discovery's interior for a lengthy time, the leather seats look handsome. Who knows what Land Rover will do next? Maybe they'll have Grylls parachuting directly into the Discovery via the sunroof. Hey, anything's possible.

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