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Could self-driving cars stop terrorist attacks?

Vehicles have become readily available violent weapons, but autonomous tech could "de-weaponize cars."

Vehicles have become readily available violent weapons, but autonomous tech could "de-weaponize cars."

And now, a fighter pilot in a Santa hat

US pilots flying against ISIS get into the holiday spirit.

And they weren't delivering lumps of coal.

Kurdish Peshmerga preparing to battle ISIS in homemade tanks

Mad Max goes to war in Iraq.

There's armor for protection, guns and rocket launchers for attack, and flat black paint for psychological warfare.

Iraqi Army deploying remote-controlled buggy to help liberate Mosul

Toting a machine gun and a rocket launcher, this small drone means business.

Video, originally posted by The Baghdad Post, shows Alrobot in action, zipping across desert scrub and firing its cannon.

British Special Forces combat ISIS in modified Land Cruisers

The Land Cruiser-based Al-Thalab is an unstoppable mule of a truck.

The Jordanian Al-Thalab long-range patrol vehicle can carry 3,400-pounds of equipment, four operators, up to two stretchers, and enough weapons, ammo, food, water, and fuel for a ten-day patrol.

American F/A-18s intercept Russian bombers allegedly striking US-backed rebels

The Russian strike aircraft resumed bombing when American jets left the area.

Aerial tensions in the skies over Syria have increased after an encounter between armed US fighters and Russian bombers.

ISIS working on driverless car bombs, says NATO security expert

Vehicles for use in terror attacks are reportedly being developed in Raqqa.

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Car salesman becomes amateur ISIS investigator, goes to jail

Tony Lopez's obsession led him to and allegedly threatened an FBI agent.

The New York Times shows how obsession caused a Toyota salesman to investigate ISIS and eventually go to jail for allegedly threatening an FBI agent.

US allies tapping into weapons stores to combat ISIS

USAF watching inventories closely months after claiming supplies were below "desired objective."

US allies in the coalition against ISIS are borrowing from the Air Force's stores of guided munitions to carry on the bombing campaign.

ISIS could use a self-driving car to deliver a bomb

Experts warn of security threats in the transportation realm.

Terrorists are developing plans to use self-driving cars as mobile bombs, a top security expert warns during South By Southwest.

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USAF tanker crew rescues malfunctioning F-16 over ISIS territory

Aerial refueling is tough, but this KC-135 crew and an F-16 pilot got a lot of practice after a malfunction meant the fighter had to refuel every 15 minutes.

A-10's role against ISIS serves as temporary stay of execution

With the bombing campaign against ISIS in high gear, Air Force brass are recognizing the importance of the A-10, despite repeated attempts to retire it.

ISIS rigs remote-control car bombs to beat detection systems

Heat-Emitting Mannequins Could Fool Infrared Cameras

Uncovered terrorist training videos have shown that ISIS is attempting to develop remote-controlled car bombs that can beat a primary method of detection.

Man charged with plot to bomb Abu Dhabi F1 race

Suspect Linked To ISIS, Also Planned Attack On US Military Base

A UAE court has filed seven different terrorism-related charges against Mohammed Al-Habashi Al-Hashemi for a bombing plot against the 2014 Abu Dhabi GP.

USAF exhausting weapons supplies fighting ISIS

The USAF is pushing for more money to replace the 20,000 bombs and weapons it's used against ISIS since its aerial campaign began 15 months ago.

US inquires why ISIS has so many Toyota trucks

US officials are asking why ISIS appears to be using a large number of Toyota trucks, ABC News reports.

Aviation security in Middle East, north Africa under threat from surface-to-air missiles

Extremists with shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles are posing an increased risk to air travel over north Africa and the Middle East, a new report claims.

Tony Stewart's Eldora Speedway website hacked with ISIS message

The website for one of Tony Stewart's dirt race tracks was one of several in Ohio that was hacked last Saturday, left with a friendly message from everyone's least-favorite terrorist organization.

Ford may drop Fiesta name for Genesis, Isis, Phoenix or Cuga?

The Fiesta badge has been worn by small Fords the world over for more than 30 years, but it may not survive the arrival of the next-generation car according to reports. Apparently people inside Ford believe the new model is such a radical departure from the current model (shown above) that dropping the long-running moniker would be appropriate.