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Recharge Wrap-up: Tesla Model X inventory, Fully Charged visits FastNed station

Students build fuel cell RC cars; EVTripper helps plan electric road trips.

Fully Charged visit a solar powered FastNed EV charger in the Netherlands in their latest video. FastNed has built about 50 of the solar-roofed chargers in Europe, with plans for a total of 200. Electricity is supplemented by a contract with wind power generators. While the site in the video only has two chargers currently, it can accommodate up to eight with multiple charging standards, and FastNed also plans to add facilities like restrooms, coffee shops, and retail space to the stations. See the video, complete with interview with FastNed founder Bart Lubbers, above, and read more at Treehugger.

A new website called EVTripping helps drivers plan electric road trips. Its routing algorithms plan for efficient travel, minimizing the number of stops and driving time. The site also offers information like charging rates, power usage, nearby amenities, and the like. Routes are configurable, and can be accessed across devices. The app can even help you monitor various data from your Tesla vehicle. The creators have also started their own wishlist of more features they're working on adding to the service, and will use data collected from the site to make improvements. Read more at Teslarati, or check out the EVTripping site for yourself.

Tesla now has Model X inventory available for sale on its website. The cars come from a rotation of display, loaner, and test drive vehicles, so some have a few thousand miles on them. Still, for the eager buyer, it beats the wait times for a made-to-order Model X. As of this writing, there are over 100 available examples of the Model X on Tesla's site, ranging from about $83,000 to about $107,000, at various locations around the country. Peruse Tesla's inventory, or read more at Electrek.

Toyota and the Horizon Educational Group are challenging high school students to build fuel cell remote control cars. The Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge is an afterschool program in which Los Angeles and Orange County students learn hands-on about alternative fuels and climate change. The program draws on experience gained from the development of the Toyota Mirai, and concludes with the students racing their hydrogen powered models at the end of the semester. "We hope this challenge encourages students to join Toyota in the effort to create a more eco-conscious and sustainable future," says Toyota Marketing Manager Doug Coleman. Read more from Toyota.

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