A carsharing and vanpool company called Green Commuter is launching in Los Angeles with the Tesla Model X. "Green Commuter's proprietary software will enable its fleet of all-electric seven-passenger SUVs to be used by thousands of workers to commute to and from their jobs during rush hour and offered as a car share for all Green Commuter members the rest of the time," according to the company. Green Commuter chose the Model X for its long range, desirability, and ability to seat seven people. The service is also launching an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on August 2, offering customers discounts on Model X carsharing packages. See the video above, learn more at Green Commuter's website, and read more at Inside EVs.

Tehran-based automaker Iran Khodro is reportedly looking to LG Chem to supply it with EV components. The company is looking for battery cells and other parts from LG in order to produce 60,000 EVs by 2023. Iran Khodro CEO Hashem Yekke-Zare says a deal could be reached as early as this fall. An LG spokesperson confirmed that it is "carrying out the plans to develop electric vehicles and to set up charging infrastructure in Iran." Iran stands to benefit from EVs, in terms of air quality and reduced demand for gasoline, for which the country has inadequate refining capacity. Read more at Inside EVs, or from Tehran Times.

GAC Motor has celebrated the completion of its Panyu factory with the launch of its GS8 SUV and its GA3S PHEV. Self-billed as "China's best automaker," GAC includes "sustainable and eco-friendly development" as one of its fundamental principles, reducing harmful factory emissions in its manufacturing process. Its "phase II" factory in Panyu, Guangzhou is capable of producing 650,000 vehicles annually, GAC says. Read more at Green Car Congress, or in the press release below.

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The completion of phase II factory marked a new start of GAC Motor

GUANGZHOU, China, July 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- China's best automaker, GAC Motor, hosted the completion ceremony of the company's new phase II factory in Panyu, Guangzhou on June 28, and launched SUV GS8 and plug-in hybrid sedan GA3S PHEV, taking a step forward to further expand production capacity with much improved efficiency. Last month, a new launched black GA8 sedan marked the 600,000th vehicle produced in GAC Motor since its first launch in September 2010.

The completion of phase II factory marked a new start for GAC Motor's independent research & development as comprehensive production system integration and use of intelligent technologies are enabling the company to achieve the annual production capacity of 650,000 vehicles.

GAC Motor also applies green and sustainable technologies in vehicle production, using environmental-friendly materials to eliminate harmful substances and dusts in the factory emissions to reduce atmospheric pollutions.

The phase II factory was constructed in 15 months following the principle of simple, slim and compact. It's expected to reach a daily production capacity of 740 vehicles by the end of August and is estimated to produce 150,000 vehicles every year.

Also, GAC Motor's unremitting efforts on research & development has lowered the production cost in the new factory significantly.

"On the premise of same production scale and manufacturing equipment, GAC Motor's cost of investment is only half of other joint venture brands and 30 percent less than other independent brands," said the spokesman of GAC Motor.

Now, GAC Motor's manufacture scale is further expanded as the phase II factory becomes fully operational. In addition to producing the independently developed flagship car models like GS4, GA8 GS5 Super and more, the research & development team of GAC Motor also designed a new, innovative 90-meter-long engines assembly line with production speed of 52 seconds per engine. The assembly line can also produce more than 200 models of engines, bringing the annual production to 700,000 engines.

"When the new factory is fully operational, GAC Motor will be able to produce best quality vehicles with highest production efficiency in both time and cost, achieving a healthy and sustainable development of the overall industrial chain linking factory, suppliers, dealers and consumers," the spokesman said.

Latest statistics from China Passenger Car Association showed that GAC Motor has sold a total of 159,000 cars in the first half year of 2016, achieving a 170% growth. In June, the company sold 26,100 vehicles of one month, a 143.6 percent year-on-year growth and highest among all Chinese automobile brands.

The spokesman explained GAC Motor's four fundamental principles in expanding the scope of the production and market, putting emphasis on product quality, resources utilization through advanced production mode, sustainable and eco-friendly development as well as sharing the successful results of the production reform with the industry.

The company's future plan is set to achieve an annual production capacity of one million vehicles by 2020 upon establishing the global research and development network supported by GAC Automotive Engineering Institute, a global supply chain, cluster marketing and service model as well as founding the vehicle and powertrain platform, building the company's core competitiveness strength in the international market.

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