A skateboarder in Colorado took his revenge on the driver of a McLaren by using his board to shatter the $250,000 car's windshield. YouTube user Paul Gonzo was filming the exceedingly long line at Denver's popular Little Man Ice Cream when the attack occurred. An orange McLaren 570S rolled through a stop sign and into a cross walk, pushing down a skateboarder attempting to cross. The driver then added insult to injury by honking at the young man. Off camera, there's a quick pop, followed by the young man running down the street with his board under his arm. The McLaren's passenger ran after the skater, who left a huge gash in the middle of the supercar's windshield. The driver simply closed the passenger side door and took off down another street.

Many people thought the skateboarder was in the right, according to CBS4 Denver. Denver police told CBS they have seen the video, but nothing illegal has happened since neither party reported the incident. The McLaren is owned by a car rental company. It's unknown who was driving the car during the attack. The video of the event is currently going viral, with over 4.1 million views as of this writing.

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