Apple might be getting into EV chargers

There are apparently discussions happening. Quietly.

As is so often the case, hints about what Apple might or might not be doing when it comes to its rumored Project Titan electric vehicle come to us in roundabout ways. Whether it's strange noises or patent filings, everyone's trying to read the figurative tea leaves. The latest cuppa comes from Reuters checking out LinkedIn profiles and seeing that Apple might be working on some sort of deals with charging station companies.

Reuters thinks that Apple wants to rework how EVs charge. While Apple has never given any official details about any sort of electric cars, it's not hard to fantasize about some future Apple software controlling your autonomous car to park and repark to recharge it while you're off at the Genius Bar trying to get yet another power adapter replaced (just saying). While that's just us spitballing an idea, Reuters says that Apple is asking charging companies about their "underlying technology."

Apple World Today thinks that the chances that this rumor are true are, 100 percent. At least, it's true "IF Apple plans to truly release a car," the Apple-centric blog writes.

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