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Apple Project Titan lives: Car is targeted for 2024 with 'next level' battery tech

Source says it'll be 'like the first time you saw the iPhone'

Apple hires ex-Waymo engineer for self-driving project

Jamie Waydo will reportedly join Titan, but that's all we know.

Jamie Waydo will reportedly join Titan, but that's all we know.

Apple now has more than 50 autonomous cars on the road

So far, all of those vehicles still have humans behind the wheel

Apple has more than doubled the number of its self-driving cars, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has confirmed. Since obtaining a permit to test autonomous vehicles, Apple's fleet size has steadily risen – from a scant three test cars, to 27 in January, and now, 55 intelligent machines. Should the program remain on course, consumers could be chilling out in the driver's seat by 2019.

Apple letter offers a clue to its self-driving car plans

A letter to NHTSA shows its interest in testing autonomous car technology.

Apple sent a letter to NHTSA acknowledging that it is "excited" about automation in numerous fields, "including transportation."

Apple is developing automotive software in Canada with former BlackBerry employees

A car didn’t work out, so Apple’s heading North to build its own system.

Apple's grabbing software engineers in the North from QNX.

Apple isn't building a car anymore

Project Titan faces a 2017 deadline, or else.

Here's why Apple probably isn't going to buy Lit Motors

If you thought McLaren seemed like an unlikely partner, get a load of this.

Get your salt shakers ready, because we've got another Apple car rumor today.

NYT: Apple car 'reboot' involves dozens of layoffs

Maybe it's not so easy to design and build a new automobile after all...

Apple's electric car could use more efficient 'hollow' battery

With an open space in the middle, there would be no need for a cooling system.

Is it real? Who knows, but maybe.

Apple brings on new talent for autonomous car initiative

Dan Dodge comes from BlackBerry's QNX automotive software arm.

Former Apple Watch executive takes over Project Titan

Bob Mansfield has been with Apple since 1999.

Apple is one step closer to having its own car.

Elon Musk doesn't think Google will compete with Tesla - but Apple could

Silicon Valley sure seems interested in cars.

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is watching the competition closely, including electric cars from existing manufacturers, and potentially Apple.

Apple might be getting into EV chargers

There are apparently discussions happening. Quietly.

Apple is talking to electric vehicle charging companies about their technology, perhaps hinting once again that there's something to the Project Titan rumors.

Patent reveals Google EV charger by Apple-bound inventor

Yet another hint that Project Titan is for real.

Kurt Adelberger invented a new kind of smart charger for electric vehicles while working at Google. Now he's off to Apple, possibly to work on an EV project there as well.

Apple reportedly hires former Tesla engineering VP

Former VP of engineering Chris Porritt is said to be tasked with "special projects" at Apple.

The flow of high-profile workers between Apple and Tesla continues with news that the computer company has hired the former Tesla VP of Vehicle Engineering.

Apple Car's latest EV secret? Magna could be its new Foxconn

Latest rumor brings Berlin into the mix as well.

An anonymous report in the FAZ says that Apple is working on the Project Titan EV in Berlin and that Magna might be the contract bulider.

Analyst: Apple Car could arrive in 2021 priced at about $75k

Apple will likely follow blueprint of designing, then outsourcing production of electric vehicle.

Piper Jaffray analyst isn't concerned about potential departure of Apple executive spearheading the project.

Marchionne Talks FCA Apple Partnership | Autoblog Minute

Marchionne wants FCA to partner with Apple on Project Titan.

'Motor noises' reported from Apple's secret car lab

A resident of Sunnyvale, CA, reports that motor noises can be heard late at night from inside Apple's secretive Project Titan facility.

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