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These days air-cooled Porsche prices are blasting through the roof, and the 993 gets much of that love among collectors as the last generation before the 911's switch to water-cooled design. MotorWeek's latest Retro Review now looks back at the 1996 911 Targa. The coupe came from a brief period when the 911s were the only models in the brand's lineup, but the company made sure those cars were perfect.

The point of Porsche's Targa models is to combine the open-air driving of a convertible with a security of a coupe. In this case, the engineers came up with a massive glass panel that slid into the roof at the touch of a button. The design still allowed for rearward visibility but created a giant opening to allow the sunshine in. The solution isn't as awe-inspiring to watch as the Transformer-like metamorphosis of the latest 911 Targa, but it gets the job done in a very unobtrusive way.

As air-cooled values continue to creep upward, it's fascinating to hear how contemporary reviewers critique the cars. In this case, the 993 lives up to the promise of being the ultimate evolution of the original idea behind the 911. MotorWeek even calls the coupe "simply one of the best road cars ever made." Check out the video to find out why.

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