Rattlesnake Electric Sport Karts | Translogic 199

Bucko snakes around Simraceway in an all-electric go-kart.

Racing enthusiasts know go-karts are much more than a toy. Karting serves as the entry to open-wheel racing, and go-karts have helped countless drivers begin.

"This is really where the best and the brightest get their start and get the chance to measure themselves," said Rattlesnake Electric Sport team principle Richard Hilleman.

But these aren't just any karts. Hilleman and his Rattlesnake Race team are helping to pioneer electric karting.

The Rattlesnake Electric e-Kart is powered by a dry ice-cooled MCO Li-ion battery, which provides 40 miles of range and recharges in two hours or less. The battery powers an electric motor designed by Zero Motorcycles, with an output of 55 horsepower and 65 pound-feet. of torque. The result is a lighting fast 0 to 60 time of four seconds, a top speed of 110 mph and, of course, zero emissions.

That EV tech may be fast and environmentally-friendly, but it doesn't come cheap. The Rattlesnake Electric e-kart comes in at approximately $20,000.


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