A road rage incident in Pinellas County, FL spiraled out of control when a motorist confronted a trio of aggressive bikers at a stop light. According to The Sun, YouTube user known only as DankWheelie posted video on April 8 of a fistfight between a driver and a pack of sportbike riders on a busy Florida highway which ended abruptly when one of the participants pulled a pistol.

There is precious little context for the video, which became a near instant viral sensation this week. Little is known about either the motorist or the bikers. The video starts with the bikers riding along an oceanside highway, when a red, older model BMW 5 Series gets into some confused lane changing shenanigans with them on a bridge. At a stop light after the bridge, the bikers and the driver of the BMW get into a fist fight in traffic, which does none of them credit. The bikers knock the driver to the ground and surround him, when a woman passenger in the BMW pops out with a pistol drawn and brandishes the weapon at the bikers. At this point the bikers all attempt to flee and the video ends.

While there seems to be no police report filed, a local police official familiar with the incident made a statement to The Sun.

"After the first incident, that's when you get on the phone," said Sergeant Mike Lynch, suggesting that all parties involved could have made better decisions. "That's when you call 9-1-1."

"We're looking at a woman who looks terrified for either a friend that was in the vehicle or a spouse of some sort maybe," Lynch continued. "We encourage the public to call about that type of reckless driving. It endangers all of us on the road, not just their own lives but everybody else that's out there."

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