Hillary Clinton's Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera is for sale

Seller says the Ciera was the last car the presidential hopeful has driven.

The former White House head gardener, Mike Lawn from Gettysburg, is selling a 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera that is unlike any other Ciera you might find advertised today. While the bread-and-butter Olds is already rare for having only around 30,000 miles on it, it's the ownership history that counts: the former owner of this car was none other than Hillary Clinton.

According to The Evening Sun, Lawn bought the Oldsmobile in 2000, planning to give it to his daughter as a learner car. But it didn't really click with her, as she said it looked like an old lady's car with crank windows, and Lawn ended up storing it in his garage. It had only been used sporadically up to that point, as it had spent its White House years mostly parked inside the gates. Chelsea Clinton is mentioned to have driven the car a few times for the same learner purpose, so it's probably fitting to say that's a suitable role for the old Ciera.

However the election may go, Mike Lawn says it's time to sell the car. They've already had it "too long" according to him, and even for a Cutlass Ciera, sitting in the garage does it no favors. It is still titled in Clinton's name, and bears an Arkansas license plate. Lawn says he doesn't know what the car is currently worth, and the insurers Hagerty have valued it at $8,700 only based on its condition, not because of the famous former owner.

The Ciera was offered for sale earlier in 2011, but it did not sell then; a walkaround video was uploaded to YouTube at that point. It will be interesting to see if the tables have turned this time around.

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