Police in Santa Ana, CA, are on the lookout for a local woman who vandalized a parking attendant's vehicle after being issued a parking ticket earlier this month. According to the Orange County Register, a Santa Ana Parking Department enforcement officer ticketed a 1988 Honda Accord for an expired meter just after 2:30pm on February 2. The suspect sat on the hood of the Honda while the officer issued the ticket. Apparently unhappy with the ticket, the woman tore it up on the spot. Then, using her car keys, she proceeded to carve a vulgar message into the hood of the parking enforcement vehicle parked next to her. When the parking officer returned to her vehicle, the unidentified suspect tapped on the enforcement vehicle's windshield, pointed at the damage to the hood, then fled in the Honda.

The alleged vandal has not been identified by the Santa Ana Police Department yet since the Honda was recently sold in a lien sale and has not been registered by its new owner. The suspect, shown in surveillance footage from a local business, is described as a white female between 20 and 30 years old, just over five feet tall with a slim build and dark hair. Corporal Anthony Bertanga of the SAPD stated that the woman faces a misdemeanor charge and will probably need to reimburse the city for the cost of repairs to the parking enforcement vehicle.

"Right now, it's on the taxpayers to fix the vehicle," said Cpl. Bertanga. The Police are asking Santa Ana residents to contact them with any information on the alleged vandal.

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