Russian Dashcam Captures Meteor Falling To Earth

Brilliant flash was a part of an annual shower

The brilliant flash of a meteor was captured by a Russian driver's dashboard camera near the Arctic Circle over the weekend.

The meteor was part of the annual Lyrid shower. The oldest meteor shower on record, the Lyrid was first observed by Chinese astronomers over 1300 years ago. It is reaching its peak today, creating as many as 20 falling stars an hour, the result of rock and ice breaking away from a comet as it orbits the sun, USA Today reported. In the video the bright light of the comet lights up the night sky, pluses twice and then fades away. No one was hurt as the meteor disintegrated in the atmosphere, Newsweek reported.

If this story sounds familiar, it's because this happened just last year. Russian dash cams filmed a meteor as it plummeted towards the Earth in Siberia in February 2013. That meteor strike injured nearly 1,000 people when it exploded in mid air, shattering windows with a sonic boom.

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