1978 Porsche 930 in Australia spans generations on Petrolicious

Deryck Shakespeare grew up around his father's Porsches, and inherited a white 1978 930 from his uncle just before the relative's death. Now, it looks like the turbocharged coupe might go to Shakespeare's son someday, as this latest video from Petrolicious' highlights a family bond that spans three generations.

Shakespeare's Porsche still looks lovely, and it barks a wonderful burble from the exhaust, too. Driving it, however, can be a handful. There're no power steering or electronic aids, and the engine has lots of power and turbo lag. "The technology isn't in the car to cope with the amount of horsepower," he says in the video.

Since owning it, Shakespeare and his son have bonded over the Porsche. Deryck plans to hand over the 930 to his boy someday when he's ready to handle this tricky kind of automobile. His son even saves his allowance to upgrade the interior. With that attitude, he should make a great owner someday... just like his dad.

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