Sorry Kanye, but when it comes time to break the internet, nobody does it better than Ken Block. Perhaps we're biased. In any case, the eighth installment of Block's Gymkhana series of videos is scheduled to drop when the clock strikes midnight on February 30th (or, 9pm on the 29th for West Coasters) on the Ford Performance YouTube channel.

As much as we hope to see Block's ridiculous Hoonicorn all-wheel-drive '65 Mustang make an appearance, the star of the show will be the blacked-out Fiesta you see in the teaser video above. Well, it's really only sorta blacked out. In fact, it's rather colorful, depending on how the light hits it. Block's latest Gymkhana livery takes on a life of its own due to its directionally reflective color scheme.

Besides the new color, one other significant piece of news is that Block's rallys-spec Fiesta will be wearing a fresh set of tires from Toyo. Or, more accurately, it'll be wearing several fresh sets of tires, considering how much rubber will surely be going up in smoke. Take a look at the video above and let us know what you think of Block's latest livery.

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