MotorWeek remembers the nearly forgotten Buick Reatta

The Reatta was Buick's failed experiment to take on European competitors with its own two-seat luxury coupe and convertible. The model only lasted a few years, and US customers didn't see another droptop from the brand until the Cascada. The latest MotorWeek Retro Review takes a look back at the short-lived roadster and remembers it quite fondly.

Host John Davis calls the 1990 Reatta droptop "one of the best looking convertibles ever." His sentiment seems a little hyperbolic, but the roadster is definitely an attractive machine by the standards of the time. The smooth front end and pop-up headlights are reminiscent of Japanese sports cars of era, and the profile with the top down is elegant. There are weaknesses, though. The manual roof mechanism appears cumbersome to operate, and the crude digital instruments, which simulate physical dials, make the cabin look too dated.

Other than a complaint about over-boosted power steering, MotorWeek enjoys how the Reatta drives, too. Buick's roadster is largely forgotten today, but such glowing praise suggests it deserves to be better remembered. Check out this Retro Review to look back on this interesting experiment from the early '90s.

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