Day 2: We made it to Patagonia | Subarus in South America

Here's our first look at Argentina's most gorgeous terrain.

We made it. After Monday's layover in Buenos Aires on Tuesday afternoon, Chris McGraw and I landed in El Calafate, Argentina – right smack in the middle of Patagonia. The Andes mountains were to our west, open plains and lakes cut by glaciers to our east. McGraw and I settled inside a Subaru Outback, and with big smiles on our faces, high-fived as I said the words, "Dude... We're in f*cking Patagonia."

Our official adventure starts today, where we're driving a number of Subaru crossovers on all sorts of terrain, visiting glaciers that are larger than most American cities, and taking in some of the most scenic landscape I've ever laid eyes on. Crosstreks, Foresters, and Outbacks will get us to our next destination, and we'll have a full recap of the day's activities for you tomorrow morning.

Be sure to follow along with us on social media – Autoblog's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will provide more insights into our journey. Of course, both Chris and I will be posting individual impressions from the journey, so follow us, too ( @stevenewing and @thequikdraw). In the meantime, get an idea of our epic surroundings in the video above.

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