Day 1: Arrival in Buenos Aires | Subarus in South America

We're not quite to Patagonia, but we're well on our way.

I'm writing this at 1:00 AM on Tuesday from my hotel room in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I've had maybe three hours of sleep since I woke up on Sunday morning. As the locals say, estoy agotado. But I'm also stoked. Because later today, I'll be in Patagonia. Holy crap.

As senior producer Chris McGraw explains in the video above, getting to Patagonia is no easy task. We flew from Detroit to Atlanta (two hours), and then Atlanta to Buenos Aires (ten hours). Rather than continuing right away, we met up with the rest of our group of automotive journalists and Subaru reps, explored the city a little, and had a lovely dinner. It's funny, neither Chris or I have seen a single Subaru on the trip just yet, but that'll all change tomorrow when we meet our fleet of Crosstreks, Foresters, and Outbacks in El Calafate.

I'm really excited to share this whole experience with you, day by day. Be sure to follow along on social media – Chris and I will be posting to Autoblog's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels. We'll have some bonus stuff on our personal accounts (@stevenewing and @thequikdraw), too.

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