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What does Jeep have cooking with this stretched Cherokee?

Jeep Cherokee stretched prototype
  • Image Credit: Glenn Paulina / KGP Photography
  • Jeep Cherokee stretched prototype
  • Jeep Cherokee stretched prototype front 3/4
  • Jeep Cherokee stretched prototype profile
  • Jeep Cherokee stretched prototype rear 3/4
  • Jeep Cherokee stretched prototype spied rear 3/4
  • Jeep Cherokee stretched rear 3/4
  • Jeep Cherokee stretched wheelbase prototype rear 3/4
  • Jeep Cherokee stretched wheelbase prototype rear
Chrysler has been spotted testing what appears to be a stretched Jeep Cherokee prototype. Which seems odd, considering that Jeep already makes a Grand Cherokee, and that's an entirely different model. The question then is just what the company has in the works here. We don't know for sure – but we do have some ideas.

We're anticipating a new Grand Wagoneer to serve as the brand's flagship model, but stretching the Cherokee's wheelbase to leapfrog the Grand Cherokee's would take more than eight inches – and stretching a "compact" platform to get there wouldn't seem to make a lot of sense.

Alternatively Jeep could be looking to wedge a new model into its lineup in between the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee, potentially offering a third row of seats and wearing the Wagoneer name - sans the "Grand" - as part of a new range of seven-seaters. Just what the point would be, however, when the Dodge Durango already offers three rows based on the same platform as the Grand Cherokee, is a bit of a mystery.

Another possibility is that it's not a Jeep at all, but rather a Dodge. The brand is in need of a replacement for the current Journey, and we're also waiting to see what FCA does to replace the Grand Cherokee since it unveiled the Chrysler Pacifica to replace the Town and Country. More of a crossover approach could take the Cherokee's Compact US Wide (CUSW) platform as its starting point, but stretched like this prototype to offer more space. Whatever it is, we're sure this won't be the last we'll have seen of it, so watch this space.

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