A restored Lotus Esprit adds lightness on Petrolicious

Spencer Canon believes the Lotus Esprit is a misunderstood sports car. The wedge-shaped exotics' reputation suggests they are incredibly temperamental, which means lots of expensive repairs. Canon sought to make sure his Lotus didn't suffer from such maladies, which was achieved thanks to a rebuild from a bare shell. The result of his hard work exudes 1980s style with some modern flair and even inspires Canon's career creating bicycles.

The Lotus was a wreck when Canon bought it, and he spent months just stripping off the old paint. The car's condition prevented a complete restoration to original spec, so Canon decided to improve the coupe. He modified it in simple ways, such as replacing the power windows with simple pull straps. He also took inspiration from the color scheme on his company's bikes and painted the Lotus blue with a lighter stripe diagonally along the side. The completed sports car angers some purists for not being entirely authentic, but it's hard to argue with the results. Plus, Canon's happy, and nothing else really matters.

Canon's Lotus has a rousing exhaust burble once he gets out of the city and out onto the open road. Take a ride with him in the latest video from Petrolicious to hear it yourself and to get a better understanding about the Esprit.

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