Talk about future shock. One startup is working on technology that could allow Tesla Model S owners to speak "commands" to their vehicles. The product isn't available to the public yet, but the company is showing off its wares in a new two-minute video.

The company is called Mosaic, and it has created software that works with the Amazon Alexa to give voice instructions to the Model S. It's pretty much a working version of the 1980s TV show Knight Rider, according to Treehugger, except that it's real. Once the technology is released, Tesla owners would be able to do everything from "waking up" the Tesla to unlocking or locking the car to fetching the vehicle's battery level and projected driving range just by using just their voice (and a data connection and all of the appropriate software and hardware, of course). Mosaic's two-minute video showing how this may work is available above.

While Ford announced a similar partnership with Amazon and Alexa at CES, the use of the Tesla in the demo is appropriate, since the California-based company's electric-vehicle is on the forefront of autonomous-driving technology. Some experts went on record earlier this month saying that the automotive industry is still 10 to 25 years away from seeing a truly autonomous vehicle on the street. That said, Tesla deployed a bunch of autonomous-driving updates late last year, including features such as side-collision warning, auto lane change abilities, and auto park. Meanwhile, some Tesla Model S owners are already pushing the limits of voice activation. As Teslarati reported, Norway's Bjorn Nyland issued voice-activated commands from Thailand to his car back home, including orders to unlock the car and enable a keyless-driving mode. Mr. Nyland has shown up on these pages before, most notably last August, when he won a Model X last year after becoming the first European winner of Tesla's Model S referral program.

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