Meet the Norwegian who just earned a free Tesla Model X

Bjorn Nyland Is The First Of Three Model X Winners

We've posted on Norwegian Tesla owner Bjorn Nyland before, back in 2013 when he drove his Model S P85 with a cold battery 233 miles in 21-degree weather. Based on the the hundreds of thousands of views at his YouTube channel where he documents various exploits in his Model S, Nyland could be, as Teslarati calls him, "Norway's most influential Tesla owner." Fitting, then, that Nyland is the first official European winner of Tesla's recently announced Model S referral program, and will win a Founder's Edition Model X with $25,000 in options.

Tesla announced two referral programs at the end of July, one of them offering a new Model X to the first person in three different regions (North America, Europe, Asia) to get ten people to buy a Model S. Nyland posted a video on his YouTube channel explaining the program, and little more than one week later he had reached the magic number of word-of-mouth sales. CEO Elon Musk then confirmed that Nyland had won, the natural proviso being that all customers who've signed up actually need to take delivery of their Model S sedans. Given that Nyland says he's going to do something special for the ten people who took his advice and purchased a Model S, we suspect they won't want to back out now.

Nyland posted a thank you video on his site, and while he waits for the cars to be delivered he'll be getting ready to attend the GigaFactory opening next year, where he'll be one of the featured guests. You can see his thank you video above and his original explanation video below.

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