Robby Gordon withdraws from 2016 Dakar after stupid accident

Accidents are bound to happen in motorsports, and for that very reason, modern racing vehicles are built to a very high standard of safety. Unfortunately, the accident that caused Robby Gordon to withdraw from the 2016 Dakar Rally involved a road-going Hummer H2 driven by members of the American racing driver's support staff – a vehicle without racing harnesses or roll cages. As the video above shows, this is one accident that was completely avoidable.

According to news reports flowing out of Argentina, Gordon had already finished the 13th and final stage of Dakar and was driving his HST Gordini competition truck on a highway headed to the podium where all the back-patting, trophy presentations, and champagne sprays typically happen. Along the way, someone from Gordon's crew decides to pass some bottles and paper bags, window-to-window, from a support vehicle to Gordon's race machine. At about 80 miles per hour. Does that sound like a bad idea to anyone else?

And a bad idea it ultimately was. Gordon swerved one too many times to get closer to his support car, coming into contact with it and causing what looks to be a pretty bad accident. Making matters worse, a member of Gordon's team was hanging halfway out of an open window with bottles in hand at the time of the accident. Reports indicate there were two injuries. Thankfully, everyone will apparently recover.

It's not clear where exactly Gordon would have finished had he not withdrawn. It is clear, however, that this was a stupid maneuver that never should have happened. For those keeping track, this latest incident isn't the first time Robby Gordon has been involved in an off-road rally accident, having injured a spectator in the 2015 Baja 500. According to (no relation), Gordon's Dakar accident is under investigation.

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