Robby Gordon hits spectator during Baja 500

Jack-of-all-trades Robby Gordon was involved in a particularly disturbing incident Sunday, while running in the Baja 500. The 46-year-old driver was attempting to make a pass during the off-road race when he clipped a spectator with his truck.

The incident was caught on video and is, needless to say, rather disturbing. It's unclear what happened after the collision, as desert dust obscured the scene. But from the video, we can clearly see spectators working to signal incoming racers to slow down. According to Fox Sports, there's been an absence of official reports on the incident, although unofficially, word is that the spectator hit by Gordon suffered a broken leg.

Sadly, this was not the only incident during the Baja 500. The San Diego Reader reports that eight fans were hit when a driver lost control of his truck, although there were only minor injuries reported in that incident.

We'll update this story once official information becomes available.

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