• Image Credit: Smart
A full year ago, Smart said that the updated version of the all-electric ED version of the quirky two-seater would not arrive until late 2016 or early 2017. The 2016 release was later rumored to be pushed back, so we thought we'd stop by the Smart booth as the Detroit Auto Show and see what the deal was. The current word on the street is that the late 2016 date is back in play, so we're back to where things were at the last Detroit show.

We also learned that the new ED will likely be available in roughly the same markets as the current electric Smart Fortwo. That means that you'll easily be able to get one in California and other plug-in friendly states. You will also be able to order one anywhere that you can get a standard Smart. In other words, steady as she goes.

In other possible news, the electric vehicle may get three new colors for the Tridion steel safety shell: Stop Light Red, Titania Grey Matte, and Lava Orange Metallic. These colors will be available on the gas-powered Smarts first, with the Lava Orange already reserved for a special edition. Smart's assistant product manager, Keith Edwards, told AutoblogGreen that was still to be determined if the ED will get the variety of colors available or if it will get a unified look like the green-white of the previous version.

Edwards said that the ED will launch in Europe at roughly the same time as it does in the US. This is because all of the EDs are made at the same plant and, since it's done making the previous model, the new ones will be rolling off the line at some point. Either in late 2016 or early 2017.

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