Hands-on with BMW's Open Mobility Cloud at CES

BMW had a bevy of cutting-edge technology ready for the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show that ran the gamut from a laser headlight for motorcycles to replacing the mirrors on an i8 with rear-facing cameras. The German automaker's most potentially life-changing (or most creepy, depending on your attitude) concept was the Open Mobility Cloud that aimed to connect the vehicle with a person's daily agenda, sort of like the way many folks use their smartphones.

The tech includes a sci-fi piece of furniture called the Mobility Mirror that looks straight out of Star Trek. The pane of glass displays everywhere a person needs to go during the day, offers appointment reminders, and tracks vehicle charging. It even sends an autonomous car out of the garage when the owner picks up the key to leave the house. Get a better look at this cutting-edge connection between the home and the automobile from Autoblog editor-in-chief Michael Austin, direct from CES.

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