Gumpert rescued by Hong Kong group behind De Tomaso

Last week GT Spirit reported that a group of Hong Kong-based investors bought Gumpert, the boutique German automaker that produced the Apollo. Gumpert declared insolvency in 2013 and finally went under that same year when a last-minute investor backed out. In an email to World Car Fans, the investors identified themselves as Consolidated Ideal TeamVenture, the same concern that bought the Italian De Tomaso brand last year for 1.05 million euros.

TeamVenture has renamed the automaker Apollo Automobil GmbH and put a placeholder page up on its website with a countdown timer that will hit zero at 9 am Central European Time on January 11. We have no idea what we'll see then, but it could be something about the Arrow, the name of the "brand new Apollo" that TeamVenture said it will bring to the Geneva Motor Show.

The last thing Gumpert showed off was the Explosion concept at Geneva in 2014, a compact sports car said to put out 420 horsepower from a 2.0-liter engine. It sat on the show floor like a placeholder effort intended to keep Gumpert in some headlines somewhere. The last sincere exercise - well, more sincere at the time, at least - was the Tornante concept, seen in patent drawings in late 2012. If and when the Arrow comes, we're unsure whether long-ago founder Roland Gumpert will have had anything to do with it, especially since his name has been stripped from the company title. The German engineer and father of Audi's quattro system is said to be working on a racing supercar project with Reiter Engineering and JAS Motorsport.

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