VW starts up 'clean' diesel Goodwill Package in Canada

Gift Card, Free Roadside Assistance In The Works, Though Recall Plan Undetermined

About seven weeks after Volkswagen unveiled a so-called "goodwill package" to compensate many of its disgruntled diesel-vehicle owners in the US in the wake of the automaker's diesel-emissions scandal, the company is doing the same north of the border. VW has announced an "Owner Credit Package" that's pretty similar to the program unveiled stateside in early November. Specifically, there's three years of free roadside assistance as well as two $500 gift cards - one to use anywhere and the other redeemable at a VW dealership. Sure beats a sharp stick in the eye.

Beyond that, VW hasn't detailed much in terms of a recall or fix for the affected vehicles, which include the VW Jetta, Passat and Beetle diesel-powered cars, in addition to the Audi A3 diesel. In a statement on an emissions-information website, VW Canada says it's "working with regulatory agencies in Canada and the US to confirm the facts and determine the appropriate course of action."

VW has been dealing with billions of dollars worth of fallout since news broke that the automaker installed software on its 2.0-liter diesel vehicles that was designed to cheat emissions-testing systems. Last month, the company tried to start making things right in the US by offering two $500 gift cards to diesel-vehicle owners, pretty much the same as is now available in Canada. Meanwhile, in the US, VW is awaiting a review from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) over whether VW's proposed recall program will pass muster.

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