Jay Leno has had a few restomods by his garage over the years – but nothing quite like this. It's a 1942 Dodge Power Wagon modernized, in a sense, by Legacy Classic Trucks out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. And if it looks to you like something that would have carted troops around the European theater of World War II, that's because it did.

As you may recall from our recent First Drive, Legacy does for Power Wagons what Icon does for Broncos or Singer does for 911s. That is to say, it takes old models and makes them even better than original. For this 8,000-pound (yes, 8,000-pound) 6x6, that means details large and small, from a Cummins diesel engine to vintage aircraft-style instruments. This particular WWII vet also features a covered cab where it once was open, and a more modern four-speed manual that won't take it up past steady marching pace, but at least doesn't require double de-clutching.

It certainly looks the business, all beefed up and painted in Anvil Gray from the Jeep color catalog. But try not to like it too much. The ten-man team at Legacy has made 60 or so of these since starting up in 2008. It charges a mighty $200k for each one, give or take $50k depending on the order, and founder Winslow Bent says the company's order books are all full through next year. At least you can check it out in the video above.

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