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GoDaddy punts on suggestive Super Bowl ad for 2016

Has Danica Patrick Made Her Final Risqué Appearance?

You won't see Danica Patrick in risqué advertising for GoDaddy during the next Super Bowl because the website domain registry company won't run a commercial during 2016's game. The business claims it wants to expand globally and change advertising styles. "Now, we can move beyond the generic megaphone of a Super Bowl campaign to a more targeted brand of marketing," a GoDaddy spokesperson told Adweek.

GoDaddy ran a Super Bowl ad every year since 2005, according to Adweek, and several of the spots featured Patrick – often in revealing clothing. The racecar driver was supposed to briefly appear in the company's commercial for the 2015 Super Bowl, but the business had to replace it with a different ad during the game. The original was about a lost puppy finding a way home, but the owner sold the dog in the twist at the end. A brief firestorm of controversy from animal lovers against puppy mills forced the change, and GoDaddy's CEO even had to apologize for the situation in a blog post.

Patrick will also lose GoDaddy's sponsorship for the 2016 Nascar Sprint Cup after years of racing with the company's bright green livery. The business decided in April to leave motorsports to focus its advertising on small businesses and foreign markets.

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