Domain name registration company GoDaddy is known for creating some controversial Super Bowl ads, often starring racecar driver Danica Patrick in some revealing clothing. Patrick makes a brief appearance driving a van in the company's commercial this year, too, but outrage from animal lovers surrounding the advertisement is keeping the spot off the airwaves during the game.

The debate has nothing to do with what Patrick is wearing or any problem with sexuality or violence of any kind. Instead, the commercial titled Journey Home shows an incredibly cute puppy falling out of the back of a pickup truck and trying to find its way home. The pup finally makes it back to the farm only for the ad's twist to come.

Outrage over the ad spread through social media after it was released. According to Fox News, GoDaddy put the commercial on YouTube early on Tuesday and had to remove it hours later. CEO Blake Irvin even wrote a blog post titled We're Listening, Message Received on the company's site announcing the spot would be pulled from the Super Bowl and replaced with something else. Though, don't worry about the puppy; according to Irvin, the dog is now the pet of a GoDaddy employee.

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