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For the past few Super Bowls, internet registrar has spent a sizable portion of its annual ad budget on one or two commercials. The tradition lives on for 2009's big game, and racing's most famous female driver is back with Go Daddy for another starring role. You may remember last year's "Exposure" spot was pulled by Fox due to excessive use of beavers (really), so Go Daddy implored the audience of 100 million to go to the website to see it online. This time, Danica has two commercials, which, keeping with tradition, feature plenty of cleavage and little reference to what Go Daddy actually does.

You can check out both spots after the jump. The first 30 second spot includes a naked Danica in the shower with an attractive German lady (we're not kidding). The second commercial features Ms. Patrick in a courtroom with several extremely busty women talking about "Enhancements." And of course, each commercial ends abruptly, prompting viewers to head over to to watch the "unrated" conclusion. Brilliant. Terrible scriptwriting, but brilliant.

[Source: Ad Rants]

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