Metal ramp crashes through windshield, narrowly misses driver

Someone up there must be looking out for the driver of this BMW in California. Last Friday afternoon, a metal ramp crashed through the windshield of this luxury sedan, barely missing the male driver. Firefighters for San Jose, CA., posted the chilling image on their Facebook. They told KRON 4 that the large piece of metal fell off a truck driving southbound on I-280. The metal bounced off the road and through the windshield of a black BMW X5 SUV.

It's not clear how the metal got loose. Incredibly, no one was hurt in this crash. The driver of the BMW probably feels like the luckiest man in the world today, as he walked away with nothing worse than a minor scratch. If the metal had hit just a few inches to the right his injuries could have been much, much worse. The San Jose Fire urged drivers in their social media post to stay safe out on the roads. Good advice. You never know what will happen.

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