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A metal beam fell off of a truck and bounced into the windshield of a BMW SUV on I-280 in California last Friday.


"Do you know the way to San Jose?" Dionne Warwick famously crooned. Well Mitsubishi sure does. The Japanese automaker got some much-needed movement on sales of its all-electric i (known overseas as the i-MiEV) by cutting lease deal for 50 of the EVs for a quartet of San Francisco Bay Area city governments.


San Francisco will get a treat of a different kind in 2014 when battery-swapping network builder Better Place starts serving a fleet of electric-powered taxis in the Bay Area, Forbes reports.

What does it take to beat a Zenn electric car and a Toyota Prius in cross-town driving? A pair of wheels and some leg-power. In the sixth annual Commuter Race in San Jose, California, all the bikes - a standard bike, a tandem and a hybrid bike - beat the two cars in a treasure hunt-style race through town. The riders and drivers were asked to perform a few tasks (get a pastry at one shop, an apple at another), and see who could make it to the finish line first. The event took place Tuesday and t

If you happen to have an electric motorcycle, ATV or quad and always wanted to have your name in the record books, your chance for glory might be arriving this upcoming 4th of April. Zero Motorcycles is hosting the world's very first 24 hour off-road endurance event for battery-powered vehicles and you're invited to give it a shot. All the action happens "in the heart of San Jose" at the 408MX Motocross Track and registration (PDF), which must be sent in by March 20th, is free. While everyone th

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We've known for a while that Tesla Motors is planning on building a manufacturing plant somewhere in California where it can gnaw on the financial carrots held out to it by the Golden State. Now comes word that San Jose has been chosen to be the home of not only a factory, but an entire corporate campus. The 89-acre site will contain their relocated corporate headquarters and R&D lab as well as the facility where the upcoming all-electric luxury Model S will be lovingly assembled. It is expe

digg_url = 'http://digg.com/autos/VIDEO_New_Triac_highway_speed_electric_car_available_now'; Is there a new three-wheeled highway-capable electric car about to emerge from "stealth mode"? We believe so and we have the video to prove it. As our faithful readers well know, we have been following the lengthy development of other three-wheeled vehicles like the Aptera and the VentureOne very closely as they are being prepared to enter the market. We haunt their forums, dig through their dumpsters

Toyota has pegged the San Jose auto show for the first "Highway to the Future: Mobile Hybrid Experience" event. There will be driving simulators, a chance to evaluate your carbon footprint and information on hybrids and other alternative-fuels. Other hybrids are expected to be at the show as well, including the new Ford Escape and Mariner Hybrids.