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Metal ramp crashes through windshield, narrowly misses driver

A metal beam fell off of a truck and bounced into the windshield of a BMW SUV on I-280 in California last Friday.

50 Mitsubishi i-MiEVs coming to Bay Area fleets

"Do you know the way to San Jose?" Dionne Warwick famously crooned. Well Mitsubishi sure does. The Japanese automaker got some much-needed movement on sales of its all-electric i (known overseas as the i-MiEV) by cutting lease deal for 50 of the EVs for a quartet of San Francisco Bay Area city governments.

Better Place's battery-swapping Coda taxis coming to California in 2014

San Francisco will get a treat of a different kind in 2014 when battery-swapping network builder Better Place starts serving a fleet of electric-powered taxis in the Bay Area, Forbes reports.

Bikes vs. cars race ends in decisive two-wheeled victory

What does it take to beat a Zenn electric car and a Toyota Prius in cross-town driving? A pair of wheels and some leg-power. In the sixth annual Commuter Race in San Jose, California, all the bikes - a standard bike, a tandem and a hybrid bike - beat the two cars in a treasure hunt-style race through town. The riders and drivers were asked to perform a few tasks (get a pastry at one shop, an apple at another), and see who could make it to the finish line first. The event took place Tuesday and t

Tesla gives up on San Jose move

Click on the Tesla Roadsters Hot Wheels for a high res gallery

Toyotas first "Highway to the Future: Mobile Hybrid Event" in San Jose

Toyota has pegged the San Jose auto show for the first "Highway to the Future: Mobile Hybrid Experience" event. There will be driving simulators, a chance to evaluate your carbon footprint and information on hybrids and other alternative-fuels. Other hybrids are expected to be at the show as well, including the new Ford Escape and Mariner Hybrids.