Man sings his heart out to avoid a ticket

A man in Florida used his golden voice to get out of a traffic ticket for not buckling his seat belt over the weekend. T.J. Bristol posted the video of his singing for two female officers on Facebook last Sunday. Corporal Ricks and Deputy Hoagland from the Orange County Sheriff's Office pulled over the gospel singer last Sunday. Bristol exited the vehicle, telling the officers he was going to "pray his way out of this." Instead of relying on divine intervention, he used his talents to catch a break. Corporal Ricks requested a song in exchange for busting the ticket down to a warning.

"God just got me out of this big ticket maybe you should try singing to your police officers," he wrote in a Facebook post. For Ricks, the singing was therapeutic, the Orange County Sheriff's Office said in their own Facebook post about the incident. Tuesday was the five-year anniversary of her fellow officer and husband's death in the line of duty, and the traffic stop put a smile on her face.

Bristol filmed his bold move on his phone with a selfie stick. He belted out You Are So Beautiful to the two clearly impressed cops. Bristol avoided the $30 ticket, though the officers did make him promise to always buckle up.

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