Audi will offer A3 TDI owners same goodwill package

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Audi will offer a Goodwill Package, similar to the one Volkswagen has offered owners, for the German brand's emissions-cheating diesel four-cylinder engine. Participating customers will receive a $500 prepaid Visa, a $500 gift card for Audi dealers, and three years of 24-hour roadside assistance. "We are offering this Audi A3 TDI Goodwill Package as a sincere token of our appreciation for your patience," the company wrote on its customer website.

This offer will only extend to the A3 TDI. A second EPA violation covers an estimated 85,000 vehicles in the US with VW's Group's 3.0-liter TDI V6 like the 2016 A6, A7, A8 and Q5, and the models are also under a stop sale. However, these owners aren't eligible for the Goodwill Package at this time. "Audi is currently investigating the allegations" against the six-cylinder engines, according to the explanation on the site's FAQ.

Owners need to register their VIN on the company's website to apply for the Goodwill Package. They'll receive the items in the mail around four weeks later, but will then need to take the affected vehicle and the package to the dealer to activate the cards. Like the VW program, people have until April 30, 2016, to apply for the offer. VW Group of America CEO Michael Horn said last week around 120,000 people already registered for the brand's Goodwill Package.

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