Man hauls huge truck on top of Ford Focus

It may be small, but this video shot last week in Spain shows just how versatile a Ford Focus can be. The video was shot by a passing motorist in an industrial area in Segovia, just north of Madrid and was posted on the YouTube account ZamoraNews.

Shooting video while driving is technically distracted driving and it seems that motorists in this area have a lot to distract them on the roads already. The white van is precariously perched on top of the tiny sedan with nothing to secure it. As the driver filming the balancing act passed he shouted "You have to be from Zamora!" at the driver of the Focus, according to the Telegraph. The driver with the van just smiled proudly as the filmmaker passed him.

The van eventually ended up in a scrap yard. But that's not the end of the story. Both drivers, the one performing the incredibly dangerous balancing act and the amazed driver who filmed him, were identified by Spanish police. Both are expected in court to defend themselves against reckless driving charges. They face a fine of at least €500 or about $536.

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