This video shows why Tesla needs to update Autopilot, pronto

No. No. No.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has made it clear that you should never engage the Autopilot feature of some Model S EVs and expect everything to work out fine. When the software was introduced, Musk said that it would get better over time until, "there will be no need to have your hands on the wheel." For now, though, the official word is that the "Auto" in Autopilot is more of an aspirational thing, and that an aware driver needs to be behind the wheel.

The trouble is that Tesla didn't program Autopilot to actually enforce this little requirement. This is why we have the video above. Apparently, someone on a Dutch highway decided to use Auto Pilot without anyone in the driver's seat. The highway is full of traffic and the cars gets up to over 80 kilometers an hour (50 miles per hour), so this video totally terrifies me. As the comments and over 200 down votes on the YouTube video make clear, there are a lot of people who don't like what these users are doing.

So much could have gone wrong here. After all, Autopilot already has some issues that are publicly known, and getting a speeding ticket is just one of them. While nothing terrible happens in this short clip, putting your life in the hands of beta software just seems like a bad idea. In other words, don't try this on your way home. You can watch the craziness in action in the video above.

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