1953 VW Beetle is inspiration on wheels for this painter

Artist Manuel Campa knows the magic formula of earning a living from the things that make him happy. The inspiring story of the painter and his daily-driven 1953 Volkswagen Beetle is the highlight of the latest video from Petrolicious.

Campa says owning the Beetle is a dream come true after years of lusting after one. The vintage roof rack, red wheels, and whitewall tires give the VW a classic look, and the worn interior looks like a comfy place for a drive, too.

By day, the painter renders classic cars, motorcycle, and bicycles on canvas, but to get to the studio he hops into the Beetle. Despite being over 60 years old, Campa doesn't pamper the vintage car. He knows the old VW is likely to break down someday, but the artist doesn't want to let that possibility keep him from enjoying being behind the wheel in the present.

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