Need for Speed official trailer features Ken Block's Mustang

Where Forza Motorsport 6 tries to attract players by offering driving realism, the latest entry in the Need for Speed franchise is all about the thrill of doing illegal things in some very quick machines. The newly released official trailer offers another taste of some of the game's intensity, and the full experience arrives on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 3. Unfortunately, those with a PC have to wait until next Spring to get behind the wheel.

Beyond the action-packed driving, one of the big draws to Need for Speed this year is the inclusion of story with what developer Ghost Games calls "icons" and their cars. These real-life automotive stars include people like Ken Block with his Mustang Hoonicorn, and Magnus Walker with his famous tuned Porsche 911, and both are on display in this trailer.

If you're searching for an experience more like an action-movie than a full-on driving sim, then Need for Speed looks great. Fleeing from police, the tuned vehicles snake through traffic at night, and light reflects off the wet road. Plus, setting the clip to Coolio's masterpiece, Gangsta's Paradise, fits the game's law-breaking style perfectly.

We'll be spending this weekend zipping around the world of Need For Speed ahead of its release in-store release. Keep an eye open for our review early next week.

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