A Texas woman who saved a kitten in the middle of a busy intersection this week is being hailed as a hero by feline enthusiasts everywhere. YouTube user E511 uploaded this video of her drive on Oct. 19. Her helmet cam was rolling when she pulled up to a busy intersection. As she waited in the turn lane of a four-lane road a little orange speck appeared in the middle of the busy intersection.

It's unclear from the video how the kitten got into the middle of the road, but it seems to have dropped from the undercarriage of a passing car. Our eagle-eyed motorcycle rider spotted the tiny kitten, and after a few tense moments, was able to put herself between the little critter and traffic. She scooped up the kitten and handed it off to a bystander. E511 ended up putting the kitten in her helmet and taking it home. The orange tabby is now resting comfortably after a trip to the vet and even has a new name: Skids.

Kittens and other baby creatures are drawn to warm car engine compartments or wheel wells when the weather turns colder. They can pop up unexpectedly and surprise mechanics or move truck-loving drivers to cut open their prized vehicles to save the kitten inside. Kittens can also become trapped in the engine, which is a problem for both cat and car. If that's a concern for you, give your horn a few blasts before starting your engine to scare any feline stowaways out of your engine compartment.

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